Bamboo Toothbrush Adult 2-Pack with Plant Based Bristles





Malama i ke kai | respect the ocean
By replacing the plastic products we use every day with biodegradable alternatives we are helping to reduce toxic waste in the eco-systems of our land and oceans!  The average human consumes 300 toothbrushes in their lifetime, by switching to bamboo we can help to lighten the load of the plastic crisis.


Each brush shows a different sea mammal
1. To tell them apart from your loved ones
2. Remind you of the sea mammals you are saving
by making the switch


Bamboo is antibacterial and resistant to mold by nature. It is the fastest growing and self-regenerating grass that requires no fertilizers and no extra watering. (90cm in 24 hours) It is helping to protect our forests while absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than the equivalent hardwood tree. A true sustainable gem if you ask us! 


Our bristles are plant-based, composed of 60% bamboo charcoal fiber, 40% nylon. They are bio-based certified and the most biodegradable vegan option currently available. Dental Professionals suggest brushing with the softest bristles to protect your gums and enamel and we stand by that! 


Keep brush dry after use to prolong its lifespan. The suggested use of time is 12 weeks, but that may vary per person.  After use, it can still be used as a cleaning tool or garden marker! Otherwise, snap the bristle head off or pluck out and dispose of. Bamboo can be added to compost or the ground.