We are Franco and Ashley Martinez, who found love in Hawaii.

Franco is from Venezuela, South America and Ashley is from Nebraska, USA and yes we met on Tinder. We immediately knew we wanted to do better for the world and that we could lift each other to a higher vision. 

Franco's passion is surfing, and his dream had always been to surf Pipeline. The more time he spent in the water, the fuller the pockets of his board shorts became with plastic bags, packaging, and plastic pieces. It was frustrating for him seeing how much waste we create and how paradise is effected by the consumer habits of the human race. 

Ashley loves cooking and baking, creating vegan concoctions on a budget from the leftover odds and ends. She felt the guilt of cooking healthy meals for their bodies, yet creating waste to just be thrown away. It just doesn't make sense.

The irony of doing what’s good for our soul, yet polluting the planet just didn’t align.

‘AINA life was born to bring our focus back to the land that feeds us. Our solution of Reusable Produce & Bulk bags and Bamboo Toothbrushes helps to eliminate plastic waste from the things we do in our daily life. If we all make the switch away from plastic we can help eliminate waste that the future generations will inherit.

Creating Organic Cotton Reusable Mesh Produce Bags would eliminate the need to buy fruits and veggies in plastic bags or packaging and Muslin Bulk Bags would allow people to shop for grains, beans, coffee, bread, and everything else without waste!

Plastic also leaks toxic chemicals, and these organic breathable bags would eliminate that harm to our bodies and also keep produce crisp and fresh longer avoiding food waste as well. #winning

Toothbrushes are the one item that every human uses! A bamboo toothbrush is the most simple way we can begin to reduce plastic without compromising anything.

The roles we play in 'AINA life are very blended and one thing cannot be done without the other. Franco is a visionary with no boundaries, connecting people around the world, and always manifesting the next step. Ashley is the executer, designer, and communicator in all things operations. We hate numbers and lead with our heart and intuition. 

We promise to never stop dreaming, to stay curious, to be inclusive, and to lift up those around us. We want to use 'AINA life to give recognition and highlight those that come into our life with the same will power for growth and change.

Thanks Universe --Ashley & Franco

Mahalo for walking with us and leaving #justfootprints