Frequently Asked Questions:

Where are the Reusable Produce Bags made?

Our Reusable Produce and Bulk bags are made in India because of the quality of materials goes unmatched. The attention to detail and construction of the bags is the best we have seen and every step of production is done by hand.

What are the bags made out of?

We only use GOTS certified 100% Organic Cotton for all textiles; mesh and muslin fabrics, drawstring, and tare weight label. The fabric is fine combed cotton with a buttery soft touch making it the most luxurious choice, and the light weight provides quick drying qualities. 

The wooden toggles are 100% handmade making each one unique and beautiful in its own way. 

Where are the Bamboo Toothbrushes made?

Our toothbrushes and travel cases are made in China where our manufacturer has their own bamboo forest in the high mountains of Ningbo. They are able to responsibly farm and self-sustain the forest for growing naturally organic bamboo for the highest quality toothbrushes. 

What are the toothbrushes made out of?

Our toothbrushes are made out of Bamboo. The bristles are plant-based, composed of 60% bamboo fiber, 40% nylon. They are bio-based certified and the most biodegradable vegan option currently available. Dental Professionals suggest brushing with the softest bristles to protect your gums and enamel and we stand by that! All designs are laser engraved and children's brushes are painted to add a splash of fun.

Do your manufacturers work in Fair Trade conditions?

Yes they do! We only support suppliers that align with our beliefs. 

What is the packaging for your products?

We use 100% Recycled Kraft paper boxes for all of our packaging and our boxes are designed without the need for glue or plastic windows! Our hangtags use hemp string and recycled kraft paper. 

What are the shipping materials for orders?

To ship our products to you we use 100% Recycled Kraft mailers with kraft paper shipping labels. If we need to use larger boxes we repurpose used ones to minimized waste. 

What is 'AINA life's mission?

Our mission is to provide plastic-free alternatives that also use the most sustainable, biodegradable, and vegan materials to minimize the waste and impact to our Mother Earth. Rest assured that everything we offer is tried and tested by us. We use and love them everyday and that's why we are sharing them with you! 'AINA life will only offer the healthiest and highest quality products for you and your family and we hope you value them as much as we do.