Bulk Bag 3-Pack



Set of 3 MUSLIN BULK BAGS 14" x 12"


100% Organic Cotton fabric, double-stitched seams, handmade wooden toggles, and strong cotton drawstring to secure closure.


Avoid the toxins of plastic bags and packaging leaching chemicals into your nourishing food. They provide a natural and breathable environment, for easy and safe storage. Plastic packaging cannot be recycled and impact the health of our eco-systems forever.


Our bags feature Hawaiian phrases and landscapes that encourage people to feel even more connected to the land no matter where they live. Shop grains, flours, beans, nuts, coffee from the bulk section, and fresh-baked bread straight from the bakery and avoid all the unnecessary packaging. The muslin is also perfect for straining your own nut and oat milk. 


Easy to read tare weight labels for the cashier to deduct the weight at the register.


Hand wash with soap and lay flat to dry. Some shrinking may occur because of the natural state of the fabric. After a lifetime of love, cut them up, and add to compost. 


E Malama ‘oe I ka ’AINA, e Malama ka ‘AINA ia ‘oe
Take care of the land, and the land will take care of you
E hele me ka pu’olo
Make every person, place, and condition better than you left it always
Malama I ke kai, a malama ke kai ai oe
Take care of the ocean, and the ocean will take care of you
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