Ashley's mana'o

Cotton Reusable Bulk and Mesh Produce Bags

How we went PLASTIC FREE

For us, we could no longer take out the trash, or go to the beach, without the evidence of our choices weighing heavy on us. We made the decision to go plastic-free on a Monday and by Friday I think we had cleared out house and taken strict inventory on the plastic we were bringing in what we could replace with reusables or more permanent solutions. I have to say, Franco is just as particular, fair to say even OCD, as I am, so we were lucky to have the support of one another. We understand how this might not be...

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Van Life Hawaii Zero Waste

How did we get here? 'AINA VAN LIFE in Hawaii

Yes, we live in a van. Not a fancy camper van of your nature adventure dreams, but more of a soccer mom style van. A Toyota Sienna to be exact. We liked how her classic silver styling blended in with 40% of every parking lot, better to keep it discreet. How did we get here?? Why did we ever wish this for ourselves? In April of 2019 we began the mission, the mission of selling the bed, the chairs, the blender, the french press. The few things that filled our "tiny home." A simple old Hawaiian 1 bedroom, that had been safe...

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