Refillable Toothpaste

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By replacing the plastic products we use everyday with biodegradable alternatives we are helping to reduce toxic waste in the eco-systems of our land and oceans!   Ditch the toothpaste in a plastic non-recyclable tube and enjoy the benefits of refillable all-natural whitening toothpaste the way Mother Earth intended.

**toothbrush not included


Organic Virgin Coconut Oil - Anti-Bacterial

Bentonite Clay - Purifying

Xylitol - Plaque remover

Baking Soda - Natural Foaming Cleanser / Freshens Breath

Organic Peppermint Oil - Freshens Breath

Tea Tree Oil - Anti-Bacterial


Scoop onto brush gently move in circular motion on teeth. Glass jar is meant to be refillable. Next batch will be sent in biodegradable paper packaging.