Bringing Minimalism into your Home


What is Minimalism?

Minimalism is a holistic medicine for us. It doesn't mean buying new things and conforming to a certain style. It means bringing appreciation, organization, and integrity back into the things we do have. 

What are the benefits of Minimalism? 

Less stress, easier to clean, increased productivity, more freedom, good for the environment, spend less, set a good example for your family, visually more appealing, display what you love most, more time for rest, live in a smaller space, find things easier, not tied to the past, happier way of life...

What we do

Is it the kitchen, a closet, or your bedroom that can use minimizing? We meet you where you are with however big or small of change you want to achieve. Our goal is to use and reuse what you have to bring organization and functionality into your home in a way that looks great too!

Zero-Waste is important to us. 

We focus on closing the loop of waste and do our best to find proper homes for things we are minimizing, so you can let go and feel good about it. The goal is to work with what you have and go from there depending on what you like. 

Do you design too?

Are you dreaming of a new look to go with your fresh minimalistic home? We can work with that. With backgrounds in design and interiors, we love a good splash of creativity and can work with you to create that.

What's your background?

I come from a Merchandising Background and thrive by giving everything its perfect place. Starting a Zero-Waste Company, 'AINA life, and moving into a van for a year gave me a whole new perspective on creating minimalism, comfort, and value of the things we keep with us. 

How does it work?

Zoom consultations are the first step. Add that to your cart and we will contact you to find a time that works for you. After learning about you and what you want to achieve we set a time frame and hourly rate for the project. We come in, work our magic, and leave you with improved clarity and accessibility to all the things you love for your busy life.  

Use check-out to schedule a free Zoom consultation so I can learn about your needs and what feels good for you.

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